Effects could have implications on physical therapy, long-term health

They are less likely to use alcohol in young adulthood, among other positive outcomes.

The key is finding the balance between maintaining blood flow and reducing negative effects

Institute to address challenges caused by advances in biomedical technology and science

Project aims to understand how concussions affect the brain and identify ways to improve diagnosis, treatment and prevention

Participants on the cottonseed oil diet showed an average decrease of 8 percent in total cholesterol

UGA professor to study respite care for caregivers

Screenings benefit those with five to ten years of life left to live

Researchers hopeful that responsive parenting will lead to healthier toddlers

Michelle Weber at the U.S. Air Force Academy. By Kristen B. Morales When you join the military, boot camp is a rite of passage. Unfortunately, the experience—and its large groups, pushed-to-the-limit exercises and the equipment it involves—also lends itself to injuries such as concussions. It’s an issue the...