The water tunnel will help researchers develop new methods of generating electricity and space and marine vehicles

The new center will develop new research and enhance existing research

Engineering enrollment has grown from about 400 students in 2012 to more than 2,100 undergraduates and 120 grad students

The team taught their robot to harvest 'apples'

Jason Wright will study how geosynthetics perform when incorporated into the design of north Georgia roadways

Researchers explore new 'smart' approach to metabolic engineering

Photography by Nancy Evelyn An ancient Japanese legend says a person who folds 1,000 paper cranes is granted a wish from the gods. For Zion Tse, paper folding—or origami—was how he and his brother entertained themselves growing up in Hong Kong with two working parents. “Basically, every toy we had was a...

Cells that break away from a cancerous tumor offer a lot of information, potentially leading to new avenues of research, quicker diagnoses and targeted treatments. The challenge is finding these tumor cells and separating them from the billions of other cells circulating in a person’s bloodstream. UGA researchers...

UGA researcher developing coatings that prevent bacterial growth

By Mike Wooten Photo: Alan Cressler / U.S.G.S. As more Americans move to urban areas, forests and agricultural land are often converted to buildings, roads and parking lots. Such development often reduces the amount of rainwater that soaks into the ground and alters the paths it travels to streams and creeks. These...