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New study by education faculty member highlighted by

Nearly two out of three UGA alumni live and work in Georgia, where they contribute to the economies, tax bases and social fabrics of their communities

Support from the Presidential Interdisciplinary Seed Grant Program helped Marc van Iersel (left) and WenZhan Song land a $5 million grant from the USDA. (Photo by Dorothy Kozlowski) By Krista Richmond It might not seem like engineering and horticulture have much in common. But WenZhan Song and Marc van Iersel are...

University again among top U.S. institutions for technology licensing

Identifying metabolites can help researchers understand human disease or provide the basis of drug discovery

NSF grant funds research on epigenetics

Shepherd explains how confirmation bias impacts what we think we know

The key is finding the balance between maintaining blood flow and reducing negative effects

Study is a first step toward understanding the mechanisms of insect capture and digestion

UGA to contribute in the areas of new biodegradable polymers and additives, advanced fibers, and durable coatings and finishes