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Dialogue opened with the state of the epidemic and emphasized the need for interdisciplinary partnerships

Project is intended to empower journalists to earn consumers’ trust

UGA professor to study respite care for caregivers

Award recognizes those who have distinguished themselves in applied research

‘Disability Wellness’ offers hands-on training while helping people reach health goals

Cotton agronomist: “It’s much worse than I thought it would be.”

UGA teaches aspiring entrepreneurs what it takes to start a business

More than 200 researchers and policymakers will come together to seek solutions

Up on two feet

A wild bearded capuchin monkey is striking an intact piaçava nut with a quartzite stone hammer. (Photo by Barth Wright) By Alan Flurry Millions of years ago, before humans became fully bipedal, ancestral hominins used stones to break bones and nuts, probably while standing upright. A new study from the Primate...

Program identifies patients who might have problems and need interventions