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Research reveals low-income and minority students continue to be disproportionately disciplined

One genetic mechanism is responsible for controlling the shape of tomatoes as well as the length of potato tubers, scientists say

Award recognizes a researcher who demonstrates excellence in food safety in the early years of his or her career

New associate vps will lead faculty and innovation programs

The university's 86 weather stations record data 24 hours a day, seven days a week across Georgia

Rutstein and Joye discuss their collaboration during the A2RU conference at UGA

Project aims to understand how concussions affect the brain and identify ways to improve diagnosis, treatment and prevention

The new center will develop new research and enhance existing research

At least three known truffle species are found in Georgia, and all grow in pecan orchards

By J. Merritt Melancon Lohitash Karumbaiah ended his summer by making history, as a member of the first research team to ever simulate recovery from a traumatic brain injury in a petri dish. For Karumbaiah, the breakthrough to help heal brain injuries was the result of years of working to understand nervous system...