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His H3N2 vaccine will be tested in clinical trails next year

UGA researchers are making headway on one of the nation's most pressing health care issues

The Center for Food Safety conducts research to control, detect and eliminate food-borne bacterial pathogens

Art and ecology converged in the marriage of the Odums, who left an indelible mark on the university community

In the field, in the lab or online, she makes quite an impression

Katlin Shae's weavings won second place in the graduate category of the 2017 Capturing Science Contest

Do you like your cleaning products to be eco-friendly? Your shoes supportive of workers’ rights? Companies are increasingly using their good deeds to identify and differentiate themselves in the marketplace, and new research from UGA explains how and why it works. In an article published in Harvard Business Review,...

South Georgia growers are poised for citrus to bear fruit

Workplace sexual harassment policies can reinforce traditional gender stereotypes

UGA researchers have found a technology that controls whether satellite cells replicate themselves or turn into muscle cells