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Only 8 percent of women use the low-cost family planning options that are available

Model predicts how rising temperatures will affect streams' absorption or emission of carbon dioxide

UGA and UConn Health gained new insight on the basic biological mechanisms of the RNA-based viral immune system

A partnership of scientists from across the United States is tackling cancer not from a health care perspective but from an engineering standpoint

Healthy options are available in school lunchrooms, but there's no guarantee that kids will choose fruits or vegetables

School choice policies that ignore community dynamics can quicken gentrification and quash school and neighborhood integration, study finds

UGA research is the first to examine accuracy of the primary diagnostic tool for latent TB

New plant-based product is a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based charcoal lighter fluids

UGA researchers will also explore effect on brain function

Research published in Ecology and Evolution could guide efforts to find and conserve these as-yet unknown species