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Georgia Coastal Ecosystems has just been renewed for another six years by the National Science Foundation

The 36-hour hackathon was an opportunity for students to work together on challenges and earn prizes

Scientists build the Bitsliced Genomic Signature Index, a DNA search engine

Efforts work to develop training for cell and gene therapy manufacturing and cell-based biologics manufacturing

Partnerships with Athens-Clarke County cement the UGA’s commitment to social, environmental and economic stewardship

Scientists have developed machine-learning that could lead to quicker identification of certain Salmonella outbreaks.

UGA receives three awards recognizing people and programs either at or affiliated with the university.

The water tunnel will help researchers develop new methods of generating electricity and space and marine vehicles

A scavenger study provides additional evidence that wildlife is abundant in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

UGA researchers are working to understand thIs interaction to breed more sustainable crops.