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Alex Jones, a doctoral student in the department of textiles, merchandising and interiors at UGA, is studying the antibacterial properties of bioplastics. He's found that albumin, a protein found in egg whites, looks the most promising. (Credit: Cal Powell/UGA)

Germ free plastic

Bioplastics made from protein sources such as albumin and whey have shown significant antibacterial properties, findings that could eventually lead to their use in plastics used in medical applications such as wound healing dressings, sutures, catheter tubes and drug delivery, according to a recent study by the University of Georgia College of Family and Consumer Sciences. Read more

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Healthy bodies and minds

Multiple faculty members and graduate students are working in a new after-school enrichment program in Clarke County schools aimed at improving the children’s health and stimulating their learning in reading and mathematics. The program is the culmination of more than a decade of research that shows that children’s increased physical activity can lead to higher academic achievement. Read more